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New around here? No worries! Just to get you up to speed: this blog is about low impact, everyday eco-friendly living. I know I’m not the only one fed up with our sanitized, processed, resource-heavy, consumption-driven, destructive modern lifestyles. I want to simplify – not just for my own peace of mind (and finances) – but also, most importantly, for the environment. We’re gobbling up way too much, way too quickly, and not giving the planet enough of a chance to recover. We’re polluting the rivers and oceans, razing entire forests, killing wildlife en masse, exploiting vulnerable communities – all for the pleasure of our latest clothes, gadgets, and cars.

It is very difficult to change, with our political and economic system set up the way it is, but we all need to do better. I hope this blog makes you pause and think, and perhaps opt for a slower, gentler way of living from now on. Here are some of the most popular posts, under various categories. Grab a drink and settle in, and I hope you have a nice time looking around.



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