How I Successfully Switched to a Non Toxic Deodorant

Find out how to detox your armpits and switch to a natural deodorant. Deodorant often contains parabens, propylene glycol and other harmful chemicals. You don’t want that in your body! #detox #nontoxic #naturaldeodorant

This is a topic that most people would hesitate to discuss. Using deodorants, and switching to a natural, non toxic deodorant. But this is not just a personal body care issue, it’s also a hygiene issue. I remember a good friend of mine called me a hippie in grad school, because I wasn’t as into […]

The Growth of the Zero Waste Grocery Store {EarthTalk Q&A}

EarthTalk® From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine   Dear EarthTalk: I’ve heard about “Zero Waste” grocery stores in Europe where everything is sold in bulk and customers bring and fill up their own reusable containers and bags. When will we get some of these here on this “side of the pond”?   […]

Green Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Eco Conscious

The day of love? Valentine’s Day is in a couple of weeks, although ideally – and I’m sure everyone will agree – every day should be a day of love! I thought I’d put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide for the eco-conscious. Whether you’re in a relationship, or single (like moi), this is not a day […]

Winter Night Time Skincare Routine {Vegan, Cruelty-Free}

winter skincare routine

Why do you need a special skincare routine for winter? It’s cold. And your skin feels like parched paper. Your lips are cracking, and you feel like you’re getting dry and old real quick. Oh, yeah, winter skin.  My skin tends to get pretty dry and itchy in the colder months, so it’s important that […]

The Best Sustainable Outdoor Gear for Epic Adventure

During this time of the year, many outdoor enthusiasts head to the hills – or, the mountains – for some sporting fun. Most of us are fully knowledgeable about the environmental impacts of camping and hiking, or other outdoor sporting activities, and we take care to minimize any damage we do. It usually comes with […]

How to Live a Low Impact Life in 2019

How to live a low impact life in 2019

Over the past few months, this blog has grown a bit – thank you so much for reading what I have to say – and it makes me feel optimistic that so many people are interested in taking responsibility for our impact on the environment. And wanting to do something about it. My own ideas […]

Dreaming of a Green, Zero Waste Christmas {EarthTalk Q&A}

Christmas packaging waste

EarthTalk® From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: How can I minimize energy and packaging waste this holiday season?  — Marianne, via e-mail   If you’re dreaming of a green holiday season this year, you’ll have to take care to shop and decorate with the planet in mind. Celebrating the holidays […]

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Zero Waste Coffee

let’s find out how to make some simple, delicious, zero waste coffee to make your day.

Coffee is the number one reason a lot of people are able to be functional in their daily lives. We owe a lot fo coffee. I wonder if we can blame coffee for making us hyper-productive. But nahhhh. Coffee is faultless. The fault lies with us, if anything.  Now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s […]

Five Rules for Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

When you’re transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, few things are more challenging than getting the zero waste grocery shopping right. Weekly? Check. Zero-waste? Um, as far as possible. Vegan? Check (of course). Those are my criteria. And how I go about it is quite simple (otherwise I wouldn’t follow it myself). What about the budget, […]