How Can We Reduce Consumption of Single-use Plastic in the Kitchen?

Reduce Consumption of Single-use Plastic in the Kitchen

EarthTalk® From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: Any tips for reducing the amount of disposable plastic I use for food storage? — J. Spencer, Gaithersburg, MD Analysts estimate that of the over six billion tons of plastic produced worldwide since the 1950s, we have recycled only nine percent of it […]

The Zero Waste Bathroom: Plastic-Free Period Edition

zero waste period

The zero waste period is such an important goal, not just for the environment but for our own health. In this post, we’ll look into the scary parts of the “traditional” period products, figure out what the sustainable alternatives are, and chart a pathway to having a plastic-free period! We’ll save some money (oh, yeah!), […]

Reformation, Corporate Racism & the Sustainability Movement

The world of sustainable fashion and systemic racism powerfully collided this week, when Reformation, with its finger firmly on American society’s pulse, posted its support for the Black Lives Matter movement on Instagram. So far, so good, but then the shocking truth soon came out: despite Reformation’s claims of being supportive of equal and fair […]

The Best Yoga Channels on YouTube for a Home Practice

Best Yoga Channels on YouTube

You’re feeling stressed, you’re likely cooped up (and claustrophobic, if you’re like me), and you’re more than a bit worried. This is a great time to start a yoga practice! Head to the best yoga channels on YouTube, and let the sessions calm you down and stretch those tense muscles out. As many of us […]

Sustainable Yoga Wear for a Mindful Practice (Leggings for Yoga)

sustainable yoga wear

A key part of the yoga experience is comfortable clothing. And if you’re looking for sustainable yoga clothing, then you’re in luck: this post is all about that. These sustainable yoga wear brands are the right balance of comfort and eco-friendly. Ideal to hone your downward dog in.  Yoga has just exploded in the last […]