The Best Yoga Channels on YouTube for a Home Practice

Best Yoga Channels on YouTube

You’re feeling stressed, you’re likely cooped up (and claustrophobic, if you’re like me), and you’re more than a bit worried. This is a great time to start a yoga practice! Head to the best yoga channels on YouTube, and let the sessions calm you down and stretch those tense muscles out. As many of us […]

Sustainable Yoga Wear for a Mindful Practice (Leggings for Yoga)

sustainable yoga wear

A key part of the yoga experience is comfortable clothing. And if you’re looking for sustainable yoga clothing, then you’re in luck: this post is all about that. These sustainable yoga wear brands are the right balance of comfort and eco-friendly. Ideal to hone your downward dog in.  Yoga has just exploded in the last […]

Smart Financial Planning for 2020 and Beyond (Booklist)

smart financial planning

Smart financial planning. It’s super important, but did anyone mention that to you in school? Most of us seem to have grown up blissfully unaware of the role that smart money management plays in life, and while we may have lost out on some opportunities due to uninformed decisions, it’s never to late to catch […]

The Complete Guide to Sustainable Cat Care

sustainable cat care

Cats may be adorable and entertaining and the single biggest source of joy in a depressing world, but here’s a sobering fact: they pollute! According to research, a cat’s carbon footprint is about the same as that of a small car. I was shocked. Aren’t cats animals and therefore nature-friendly? The thing is, domesticated cats […]

Can Lawn Chemicals Cause Canine Cancer?

Can Lawn Chemicals Cause Canine Cancer?

EarthTalk® From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: Is it true that lawn chemicals can cause canine cancer, and if so, how can I protect my dog? — Bill W., Ithaca, NY Unfortunately, the answer may very well be yes. A 2012 study published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Environmental Research, found […]

Where to Shop for Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Ahem, gifts. You love them, but they’re bad for the planet. Well, mostly. There are some sustainability-focused people who also have an entrepreneurial bent, and they’re the ones we need to head towards if we want to buy something brand new that’s sustainable produced. Now that the dreaded day is coming up, here’s a cool […]

Quick List of Environmentally Friendly Banks to Switch Your Account To

EarthTalk® From the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: After reading an EarthTalk piece on climate divestment, I’m looking to switch my checking and savings accounts to an environmentally friendly bank. Any ideas? – Bill Kim, Troy, NY Few of us think about how our banking affects the environment but, in reality, […]