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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. We live busy lives, overwhelmed a lot of the time, and constantly running to keep up. If you’re like me, you sometimes pause and wonder if there is a better way to do things. A calmer life, a quieter lifestyle – and a more sustainable way of living. A life that’s, most importantly, more in harmony with the planet and all the other species that share this home with us.

This is a sustainable lifestyle blog that covers everything related to everyday eco-friendly living. Clean living, fairtrade practices, ethical consumerism, and other aspects of living an eco-conscious lifestyle. This blog also delves into topics about the environment, about wildlife and nature, and about climate change.

EcoAnouk began as a creative vent for my frustration with how we’re treating the planet, but it has quickly transformed into much more. I’m learning more and more about sustainable living, about how urgent the climate change situation is, and about the kind of actions we urgently need to take to make life better for all living beings. I’m learning how to be gentler on the planet, how to live without constantly destroying, and how to be happy with what we have now – because we sadly won’t have it so good for much longer.

Eco Anouk chronicles all of this, mainly as a way to enjoy what we have, and to make the most of it all, while also living as gently as possible. Let’s build a life suited to the 21st century


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