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Hello! I’m Crabapple Pie and I am the founder of this sustainable lifestyle blog. I blog about eco-friendly and clean living, ethical consumerism, climate change and everything in between!

I began blogging as a creative vent for my frustration with how we’re treating the planet, but it has quickly transformed into much more. I’m learning about sustainable living, about how urgent the climate change situation is, and about the kind of actions we should take to make life better for all living beings. I’m learning how to be gentler on the planet, how to live without constantly destroying, and how to be happy with what we have now – because we won’t have it for much longer.

Eco Anouk chronicles all that, mainly as a way to enjoy what we have, and make the most of it all. While also living as gently as possible. Let’s build a 21st century life. (What’s that?)


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