Detox Your Closet With These 27 Organic Clothing Brands for Women

After reading this (thank you:)), are you wondering where to buy non-toxic clothing? This is a list of organic clothing brands for women that you should check out.

By the way, what is a B Corp? B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

27 organic clothing brands for women











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HOPE Made In The World
HOPE Made In The World

1. Alternative Apparel

Notes | Non-toxic and low-impact dyes, fair trade

They have a really wide range of comfy items, including accessories, and they include recycled materials in many of their designs. 

2. Amour Vert

Notes | Sustainable, eco-friendly

Stylish apparel that is also gentle on the environment. 

3. Armedangels

Notes | GOTS-certified organic cotton, fair trade

This German brand uses sustainable materials, including GOTS-certified organic cotton, linen, organic wool, recycled polyester and Tencel, to create casual, relaxed pieces that you will love.

4. Beaumont Organic

Notes | GOTS-certified organic cotton

A very British brand, Beaumont Organic presents two collections a year – items with clean lines and minimalist moods. They also have lovely accessories.

5. Bhumi

Notes | 100% organic cotton, fair trade

Bhumi is an Australian company named for the Sanskrit term for Mother Earth. While their strong point is their organic bedding, they have a cool collection of non-toxic check out their cool selection of non-toxic clothing, including yoga wear and underwear.

Kuyichi - organic clothing

6. Brook There

Notes | GOTS-certified organic cotton

Super-soft lingerie made from organic cotton.

7. Groceries Apparel

Notes | Organic cotton, vegetable dyes

Wonderful focus on end-to-end sustainable supply chains, and they also have classy products.

8. Here Today Here Tomorrow

Notes | Azo-free dyes, sustainable, fair trade

Apart from the clever name, HTHT supports the Nepali artisans who make their lovely bold, geometric items.

9. HOPE Made In The World

Notes | Fair trade, Certified Child Labor-Free, eco-friendly

This is a fancier brand, focusing on craft and artisan quality pieces. They are for the sustainable connoisseurs with some money to spare.

10. Kowtow

Notes | 100% Fair Trade certified

They’ve taken care to create a sustainable, earth-friendly business model that donates a part of their proceeds to local endeavors in India. 

organic clothing - nomads

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11. Kuyichi

Notes | Organic cotton, recycling

Kuyichi, a Dutch brand, works directly with the Peruvian farmers who supply their organic cotton. They also use recycled cotton, and polyester from discarded water bottles to create their garments.

12. Loomstate

Notes | 100% Certified Organic Cotton

Loomstate is a sustainable design house that doesn’t just focus on environmental sustainability; they ensure living wages and safe working conditions for their employees. 

13. Modernation

Notes | Recycling, upcycling

Creative pieces made from deadstock and vintage clothing. How cool is that! It’s also very affordable. 

14. Mud Jeans

Notes | Upcycling, circular economy

Mud makes new jeans out of recycled ones, and also minimizes water waste, chemical use.

15. Noctu

Notes | GOTS-certified, fair trade

Looking for luxury nightwear and loungewear? Your search ends here.

organic clothing - Reformation

16. Nomads

Notes | Fair trade, traditional techniques

Nomads produce fair trade fashion that showcase traditional textile techniques such as woodblock printing, textured handloom and exquisite tie dye. Nomads creates clothing “for someone who sees life as a wonderful adventure.”

17. PACT

Notes | Organic, GOTS-certified, fair trade, eco-friendly

Basic clothing range for the entire family.

Women’s Navy Stripe Slouchy fit Sweatshirt M

Pact Organic Women’s Navy Stripe Slouchy fit Sweatshirt [More]

Price: $40.00
Sale: $40.00


18. People Tree

Notes | Fair trade, Certified Organic

Another brand for those who love beautiful pieces and are willing to pay for them. People Tree are trailblazers in the fair trade movement, so do give them a try.

19. Reformation (Why is this struck through?)

Notes | Sustainable, eco-friendly

A little bit of luxury on top of the eco-friendly material. Expensive, but it’s not unknown to get a good item for a steal. 

20. Roger Loayza

Notes | Slow fashion, vegan

Peruvian designer Roger Loayza refuses to create several collections every year; he specializes in classic designs that are perennially chic.

organic clothing - shift to nature
Shift to Nature

21. Ruta 10

Notes | Upcycling, thrifting

Ruta 10 is a Uruguayan ethical brand that creates bags and accessories made out of recycled rubber obtained from old tires. Their motto is, “What happens to the planet also happens to you,” which I think should be everybody’s motto.

22. Shift To Nature

Notes | Sustainable, ethical, fair trade

Shift To Nature is an Australian company that is the aggregator we’ve all been waiting for. They source products from eco-friendly brands, products that are made from certified organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and other sustainable textiles. Amazing range!

23. Sorella Organics

Notes | 100% organic 

Sorella Organics produces their products in small batches to ensure minimal waste and fair employment conditions. Their maternity wear is a stand-out selection that moms-to-be need to get to right now.

24. Synergy

Notes | Organic, fair trade

Synergy uses only organic cotton, and they also endeavor to empower communities by giving back to nonprofits. Check out their recycled dresses.

25. Thought Clothing

Notes | Organic, eco-friendly, sustainable

Cotton, bamboo, and hemp, oh my! They offer an extensive range of gorgeous items that look more expensive than they really are (or maybe not, if you’re as broke as I am).

organic clothing - thought
Thought Clothing

26. Threads For Thought

Notes | Sustainable, eco-friendly, B Corp

Threads For Thought has casual eco-friendly and sustainable apparel, plus very nice activewear. It’s a bit expensive, though.

27. thredUP

Notes | Upcycling, thrifting

thredUP is sort of an online thrift store for bargain hunters. Their markdowns are usually pretty impressive, and like any thrift store worth its threads, you never know what treasure you might find here!



27 organic clothing brands for women













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Disclaimer: I have tried to make a list of organic clothing brands for women. If any of these do not use organic textile, I will remove them from the list. Also, since this post was about non-toxic clothing, I have not defined vegan brands separately (especially since cotton is vegan, and organic cotton is eco-friendly). These brands do claim to be ethical, so that’s been a plus point in their selection to this list:)


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organic clothing brands for women



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