How to Start an Indoor Herb Garden

Home is where the herbs are. And these days, home is where we all are. We’re all indoor cats for now, haha. And one of the most useful things you can do while being indoors – for yourself and for the environment – is learn how to grow plants. It’s not a talent, it’s simply […]

18 House Plants for Indoor Air Purifying (Including Cat-safe Options!)

It’s time for our homes to become our own personal tropical jungle! While we’re at home for the time being, there’s no better hobby to pick up than gardening. It’s something that will make you feel wonderfully relaxed (and hopeful about things in general), while also having an important practical use: get house plants for indoor […]

Where Can You Get Unique Thrifted Furniture?

I hope you’re here after reading the excellent posts on sustainable furniture brands, and how to style your home with sustainable furniture. A little bit of blowing my own trumpet, there. As I read more and more about the materials used in brand new products (even ones labelled as vegan), I’m coming to the undeniable […]

The Epic Guide to Sustainably Made Furniture Brands

Sustainably Made Furniture Brands

Home decor is one of my favorite topics. I can get lost for hours on end looking at beautiful spaces and gorgeous furniture. And selecting furniture for your home can be a scary task. These are expensive pieces that you can’t really buy on a whim. And there are the particularly important questions: Are they […]

How to Style Your Home with Sustainably Made Furniture

Most of us have homes that are already filled with stuff. It feels weird to say, “Here’s how you buy new stuff but sustainably!” Because most of us do not need any new stuff! But just in case your cat has scratched your couch beyond recognition (true story) and you absolutely need to buy a […]

18 Houseplants That Are Safe for My Cat

Houseplants That Are Safe for My Cat

Cats! Sigh. Such beautiful and intelligent and…mysterious animals. A lot of things at home are bad for them. They puke more often than is healthy for our (human) heart. And what is it with them and plants?! Why can’t they just ignore houseplants? But, nope. Their curiosity, both adorable and aggravating at the same time, […]