How To Effectively Detox Your Body Now

how to detox your body from toxins

Toxins are, unfortunately, everywhere. So a mission to effectively detox your body involves having a lot of determination and some realization that you cannot detox it 100%. That’s the sad truth of the world we live in. 

It’s quite terrifying to learn about the toxins we are exposed to, through our skin, our clothes, and all the stuff we come in contact with throughout the day. A toxin is any substance that causes harmful effects to our body. We have been exposed to numerous harmful toxins over the last several years, and getting rid of them from our body and our home is just the beginning of dealing with that. We also need to clean up our food intake (will cover that in another post!), our lifestyle habits, and the very air we breathe. What we breathe is the most frustrating of all – mainly because there is nothing individuals can do about it. 

Air Pollution

And what does air pollution cause? Ahem, from respiratory diseases, fatigue, headaches and anxiety (all of which have affected me), to cardiovascular damage, reproductive organ damage, and nervous system damage – there are some extremely serious consequences of breathing toxic air on humans. Obviously, animals are also affected, perhaps even more than us. 

Air pollution is everywhere, whether we can actually see it or not. Yes, fossil fuels are burnt in certain places and industries are limited to outside residential areas, but the winds carry their effects everywhere. Besides, we burn some gas ourselves, whether it’s for our car or our air-conditioner. We use aerosol sprays. We all pollute the air, some more than others. And, of course some places are worse than others.

The point is that since the air we breathe is not under our individual control, there’s nothing we can do about it – individually. Apart from, of course, cutting down our carbon footprint and not using aerosol sprays at all. 

We can also get our government to take a more urgent look at the situation. So, please call your representatives, and make some noise about this. Policy change is about the only other option open to us to sort out this problem. 


Environmental Toxins

Coming back to environmental toxins found in our personal products and our home,  the common toxins we are exposed to every day include naturally occurring compounds such as lead; mercury; radon; formaldehyde; benzene; and cadmium. (These are mostly regulated by the government, but why take a chance, right?)

They also include man-made chemicals such as BPA (bisphenol A); phthalates; and pesticides. These act as endocrine disruptors, which is exactly as horrible as it sounds. BPA, phthalates and pesticides may interfere with your body’s endocrine (hormone and cell signaling) system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects. 


Endocrine disruptors tend to mimic estrogen (that very vital hormone of ours). They are found in products such as plastic (bottles, containers), detergents, cosmetics, pesticides, and more.

how to detox your body from toxins

How to Detox Your Body

This series will include the following segments:

  1. Non-Toxic Personal Care & Beauty Products
  2. Non-Toxic Clothing, Shoes & Accessories (Check out this list of 27 Organic Clothing Brands for Women)
  3. Home Cleaning Products
  4. Home furnishings & textiles
  5. Pet care
  6. Garden care

It’s a long list, and I’m basing this guide off of all the things that I require and use, so if I’ve missed out on something, please do let me know! 

Also, all the products that I recommend will be vegan and cruelty-free – because, again, that’s something mandatory that I look for. If you are not particular about this, then your choices are certainly more, but you won’t find them listed here.

This series isn’t to suggest that you throw out all your toxic possessions and replace them with non-toxic ones. I mean, if you can afford to do that, that’s great for you. But this series is intended more as an educational, informative exercise. So, the next time you head out to buy some detergent, you know exactly what to watch out for, what is safe for you, and what your options are.

PHEW! Lifestyle changes are never easy, but with enough information and persistence, it can definitely be done. For some further, detailed reading, you may enjoy this.

Hope you find this guide useful. Please share it across your networks. Cheers to good health!

how to detox your body of harmful toxins


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