How to be a Vegan in Winter {Vegan Puffer Jackets}

vegan winter jacket - everlane

The options for cruelty-free and animal product-free clothing and vegan jackets that can keep you warm in the coldest of weathers were very few some years ago. Luckily, that is no longer the case. Whether it’s due to increasing awareness, or improving technology, or, more likely, both, a bunch of companies have cropped up with […]

10 Handpicked Ethical Jewelry Pieces That You Will LOVE

Ethical jewelry pieces are hard to come by. First of all, they don’t usually have a sticker saying ‘ethical jewelry’, and, secondly, not many people who buy jewelry are even aware of the ethical aspects of the piece they’re looking at. Ask them, and they’ll probably go, “WHAT. Ethics and jewelry?!” But, as we mentioned […]

Detox Your Closet With These 27 Organic Clothing Brands for Women

After reading this (thank you:)), are you wondering where to buy non-toxic clothing? This is a list of organic clothing brands for women that you should check out. By the way, what is a B Corp? B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental […]


This post isn’t about why you should become a vegan or why you must become a vegan. This is about what veganism offers, if you do decide to try it out sometime. Should I begin with my own journey into veganism? Once upon a time, I was a skeptic. I mean I loved animals, but […]

24 Inspirational EARTH HEROES You Need to Know About

Admittedly this is a very difficult list to make. When you awaken to the crisis the planet is in, you immediately start looking for solutions, and absent that, for little rays of hope that can reassure you, including people who work in the field and stay hopeful. Where are the people who are genuinely living […]