Where to Shop for Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Ahem, gifts. You love them, but they’re bad for the planet. Well, mostly. There are some sustainability-focused people who also have an entrepreneurial bent, and they’re the ones we need to head towards if we want to buy something brand new that’s sustainable produced. Now that the dreaded day is coming up, here’s a cool […]

Winter Night Time Skincare Routine {Vegan, Cruelty-Free}

winter skincare routine

Why do you need a special skincare routine for winter? It’s cold. And your skin feels like parched paper. Your lips are cracking, and you feel like you’re getting dry and old real quick. Oh, yeah, winter skin.  My skin tends to get pretty dry and itchy in the colder months, so it’s important that […]

10 Handpicked Ethical Jewelry Pieces That You Will LOVE

Ethical jewelry pieces are hard to come by. First of all, they don’t usually have a sticker saying ‘ethical jewelry’, and, secondly, not many people who buy jewelry are even aware of the ethical aspects of the piece they’re looking at. Ask them, and they’ll probably go, “WHAT. Ethics and jewelry?!” But, as we mentioned […]

PART 2: Non-Toxic Clothing

Do you wear non-toxic clothing? Is you clothing toxic? Well, it could be, depending on where it came from, who made it, and how much you paid for it. What? Read on. The clothing industry pollutes a lot. Right from growing the crops (or the animals) from which the textile is woven – to the […]

PART 1: Non-Toxic Personal Care & Beauty Products

THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE READ MY DISCLOSURE FOR MORE DETAILS. In my quest for non-toxic personal care products and non-toxic beauty products – that are also vegan and cruelty-free – I have learned some important things. For example: Did you know that cosmetics manufacturers have no legal obligation to report health problems from their products […]


This post isn’t about why you should become a vegan or why you must become a vegan. This is about what veganism offers, if you do decide to try it out sometime. Should I begin with my own journey into veganism? Once upon a time, I was a skeptic. I mean I loved animals, but […]

7 Steps to Building an Ethical Wardrobe

As I was thinking about my wardrobe and how to make it a more ethical wardrobe, I remembered something: The Royal Wedding just took place two days ago, and boy was it a spectacle. If you watched it, great. I didn’t. Not really a fan of going gaga over an undeserving monarchy responsible for so […]

Documentaries to Watch, Part 2: Animal Planet?

Now it’s been around two months since I last wrote here. Yikes. I intend to be more regular, I promise! This is a delayed addition to the Documentaries to Watch series, and includes some top-notch animal documentaries. My life has certainly taken a turn for the unpredictable. I have also recently had some chronic health […]

Switching to Vegan, Cruelty-Free Personal Care Products

Now that the Zero Waste Kitchen Series has reached some semblance of completion I thought I’d focus on looking at how we can reduce causing harm to animals, namely by talking about using vegan, cruelty free products. All of us, each and every one of us, is complicit in some way or the other in […]