Sustainable Yoga Mats For a Mindful Practice (12 Brands!)

sustainable yoga mats

Yoga enthusiasts always on the lookout for the best mat for your practice – this post is going to be great for you. While doing yoga doesn’t strictly require a mat, it’s best to have one to use as support, for comfort and to reduce the risk of injuring yourself. Low-slip yoga mats will also help you develop a more confident practice. But the icing on the cake? Opting for sustainable yoga mats, which support you as well as the environment. Most yoga mats are made of plastic or rubber, hardly conducive to a peaceful session. Staying eco-friendly as you stretch and twist can only improve your mindfulness – or, that’s what I think;)

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These sustainable yoga mat brands are made from low-impact, eco-friendly materials. All the key characteristics of a mat – portability, thickness, weight, length and width, comfort – can co-exist with environmental sustainability, as seen in this list. Enjoy the yoga session on one of these sustainable mats, from warm-up poses all the way to the shavasana.




Affirmats love affirmations. Every mat of theirs has one. So, apart from being well-designed, eco-friendly, and non-toxic, their mats also inspire you with positive affirmations. Kinda like a touchstone or a talisman. It’s really cool, and fortunately, it’s not one of those situations where you have to sacrifice quality or looks for message. 

Cos, I mean – check out the ‘i am free’ mat, made of jute and ECO-per blend:

affirmats - sustainable yoga mats

This 5mm mat is free of phthalates, latex and heavy metals, and is slip-resistant. 

You can also customize your own favorite affirmation.


Corc Yoga Mats

Corc Yoga Mats are recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable. The cork part of it has a superpower: the suberian wax inside the cell walls of cork makes it impermeable to liquids and resistant to moisture. Which means it will last a longer time! Especially because cork is also naturally resistant to dust and mites. Another plus point is the honeycomb structure of cork, which makes it less slippery. 

corcyoga - sustainable yoga mats

All Corc Yoga mats are handmade – so there are no two pieces that are the same!


Dragonfly Yoga

From a completely natural cork mat, we move on to a scientifically studied and developed ‘Dragonfly’ mat. The Dragonfly Yoga Lite Mat’s closed-cell technology prevents sweat, odors and germs from settling into your mat – meaning your mat will remain free of germs and weird odors. 

Dragonfly sustainable yoga mats
*Representative image.

But what is it made of? TPE. 

And what’s TPE? TPE is made of Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and other material closed-cell foamed under high temperature. This material is eco-friendly with the characteristics of non-PVC, non-toxic, non-heavy-metals and non-irritating odor.

The mat is 3 mm think and very lightweight with a great grip.


Ekaminhale Yoga Rugs

This is not a mat, guys – it’s a rug. These yoga rugs are made in India with GOTS-certified organic cotton. They look gorgeous, and will be perfect especially if you’re in a warmer climate. Cleaning this and maintaining it may be a bit more challenging – but since it’s cotton, it can probably be hand-washed and air-dried when it begins to smell. But look at the texture! Certainly promises a nice grip. And if you do buy from them, they will ship to you in recycled cardboard boxes.  

sustainable yoga mats - ekaminhale



Jade Yoga

They plant a tree with every purchase, and are careful to only deal with sustainable materials, especially their carefully sourced rubber. Their Dharba Grass Mat looks good and clearly feels great. (and for each Dharba Grass Mat purchased, Jade Yoga claims to give a week’s worth of lunch for a child in India). Jade Yoga seem to give back to a number of causes, such as the fight against ovarian cancer. They have some rad mat bags as well.

Jade Yoga sustainable mats


Lottus Life

Natural jute is biodegradable, non-toxic and recyclable. Lott’s Life uses SGS-certified natural jute fibers, with its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Can there be a better material for our yoga needs? The Jute Yoga Mat is perfect for your yoga session: it’s 8mm thick, easy to clean, and comes in a range of gorgeous colors. Lott’s Life also gives back 1% of their profits to the Karma Project to promote clean water.

Lottus sustainable yoga mats


Manduka eKO Lite

Non-slip, lightweight and long-lasting. Pretty much the key ingredients for a good-quality and sustainable yoga mat. Manduka delivers. The Manduka eKO Lite is a 4mm mat made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber.  It is made by a zero-waste manufacturing process, and the mat is non-toxic, OEKO-tex certified and latex free. 

Check out their quiz to determine which mat is best for you.

sustainable yoga mats

Here’s what’s unique: The top-side of the mat has a rippled water effect. This is due to the durable, sealed-cell natural rubber that helps prevent sweat, odors and bacteria from getting into your mat. If you can take good care of this mat, it will probably last you a lifetime!



Vegans in the house, rejoice. This is a non-toxic, biodegradable yoga mat that is also vegan. The hand-drawn designs just take the coolness notch up even more, along with the exotic, summer vibe.

Ohmat sustainable yoga mat


Onnit Han Solo Yoga Mat

This one’s a bit quirky (and a little disturbing, if you ask me). But here’s Han Solo trying to help you with your yoga routine – though he’s in a pretty helpless situation himself. Check it out:

You know the worst thing about a bad mat? The sliding and the gross slipperiness. But you won’t find that on the Onnit Han Solo Mat. Its grip is steady, because it’s made with a polyurethane base and topped with recycled rubber (which gives the supportive, strong, and slip-resistant surface, while also minimizing absorption of liquids). This mat is also tough – and designed for all sorts of high impact aerobic practices. A good, solid buy for the serious yogi + Star Wars fan.



SugaMats makes their mats out of something really cool: recycled wetsuits! Great way to pay homage to the environment – by using something that was used in the ocean, and that, unfortunately, could have caused a lot of harm to the ocean if disposed of carelessly. (Am I making sense?) Anyway, SugaMats is more articulate about this than I am (“Wetsuits. Reincarnated.”), and they also ensure the quality of their recycled mats. They test and pass the mats for density, elasticity, durability, and liquid permeability and retention, among other qualities. Only then do they allow our dirty paws to do yoga on the mats!

sugamat sustainable yoga mat



This brand exudes the founders’ love for travel and sustainability. Their cork yoga mat comes in five different styles and several lovely designs. You can personalize a design for yourself, too.

yoloha sustainable yoga mat



Zen Bear

Zen Bear mats seem soft to touch, anti-slip and made of vegan suede! (Cute brand logo, too!)

Zen Bear sustainable yoga mats

Made to suit both warm and cool settings (Hot Yoga, Home Yoga, Pilates and Meditation), Zen Bear mats are designed to have a minimal eco footprint, while also celebrating “life’s vibrancy through colours, patterns and prints.”

Zen Bear donates £5 on every item sold to Friends of the Earth, an environmental campaigning community.


So, that’s it! As environmentally-conscious yogis, we should try to support and choose eco-friendly yoga brands. What did you think of these 12 awesome yoga mat? Which one is your favorite?

And if you’re wondering what’s the best way to clean your mat, watch this video.



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