CLASSY Christmas Gifts for the Environmentally Conscious

classy christmas gifts for the environmentally conscious | eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free, plus fair-trade

Wasn’t it just yesterday that this year got born? Heh. Happens every. freaking. time. You blink and get distracted for a little bit, and it’s suddenly September and autumn’s started and you’re planning for the last couple of months of the year. 

This time last year, I wasn’t trying to be zero-waste with my gifting options. Now, though, as holiday season rolls around, I plan to be as conscious of the environment while purchasing gifts. The environment is going through some serious trouble right now, thanks to us and our insatiable consumption of the Earth’s limited resources. It hardly seems prudent to further add to that. I get that we can’t live without consuming; hence, the concept of frugal minimalism: Only consume what you need, and nothing more. Whether you’re doing this for the environment, or to save money, or to minimize your possessions, is ultimately beside the point. Because, ultimately, consuming less is best for the environment.

With all that said, I guess you still gotta show some tangible love to your loved ones (unless you want to go the no-gift route). So here are some CLASSY Christmas gifts for the environmentally conscious that are i) essential (depending on the person), ii) eco-friendly, iii) ethical/fairtrade, iv) cruelty-free and v) vegan. Aiming for minimum damage here, guys. It may not help, but I still gotta do it.




Everyone needs clothes – you cannot go wrong there. But try to pick clothes made from recycled items (like this Organic Cotton Recycled Plastic Racerback Tank Top below, made of organic cotton and recycled plastic), or try Patagonia’s Worn Wear collection (repaired ‘pre-loved’ Patagonia items). All super good looking, and very earth-friendly.

Patagonia Worn Wear | Recycled Patagonia gear that's been repaired for a second chance at life


This gorgeous stainless steel coffee mug can help someone transition from disposable coffee cups to zero-waste more comfortably. I mean, yes, you do have an ulterior motive (to get the person to reduce wastage of disposable cups), but as far as ulterior motives go, this one ain’t too evil;)


If your friend or family member is more curious about zero-waste, you could gift them a Zero-waste starter kit for them to try out. Or, look at this gorgeous set:

Zero waste starter kit for Christmas | Perfect gift for the newbie zero-waster

These are very useful and definitely not going to go into the bin.

These silicon stretch lids are also a useful, zero-waste gift option for someone’s kitchen! In place of cling wrap or other plastic wraps.



Do you know someone who loves to read but is without a Kindle? Well, there you go – that’s the perfect gift for them. You could also sign them up for a Kindle Unlimited subscription, where they can explore over 1 million titles and thousands of audiobooks on any device for just $9.99 a month. (For ideas specifically on books on personal finance, head to this post.)

Kindle Paperwhite | Perfect Christmas Gift for the Environmentally Conscious | lose yourself in a book

If they’re big readers and big travelers (and you have some extra dough), check out the gorgeous Kindle Oasis Travel Bundle!

If they prefer audiobooks, you can try the Amazon Audible membership. (check out this post on Five Mesmerizing Audiobooks to Bring You Close to Nature for ideas on audiobooks you can gift to people who love the outdoors).



Check out Love Goodly, an eco-friendly, non-toxic, vegan subscription box that brings brilliant goodies right to you. You can get their Essential Bi-Monthly Subscription or their VIP Bi-Monthly Subscription Box. It’s a great gift idea for someone who loves their products and is particular about quality, sourcing and the ethics of the companies.

Vegan subscription boxes for Christmas | Full size deluxe products delivered every other month.




With Hurricane Florence hitting the east coast and causing so much damage, and people still recovering from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (plus, countless extreme weather disasters happening around the world), it’s time for each of us to step forward and contribute what we can for recovery operations, especially ones focused on the environment and wildlife.

Done to the Rainforest Alliance and other causes to help in recovery and conservation efforts

Here are some organizations you can donate to, whether as a Christmas gift in someone’s name, or in your name, or just simply because:

The Nature Conservancy

The Humane Society of the United States

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Ocean Conservancy

Surfers Against Sewage

Friends of the Earth

Rainforest Alliance

There are loads of others, so don’t feel shy – go ahead and donate what you can to causes you care about!



Are you a grandma with extra money lying around? Then just give money. Even if you’re not a grandma. Money is very valuable these days, and can be used for whatever purpose comes up unexpectedly. So, there’s that advantage!

Have a wonderful end of year season, guys! Merry Christmas!

classy christmas gifts for the environmentally conscious | things you can gift that are gentle on the planet

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Thanks for reading! Please share this so more people buy less stuff! (Does that make sense?)

Christmas gifts for the environmentally conscious | A list of eco-friendly gist options that are gentle on the planet


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  1. Great post! Definitely going to make shopping so much easier this year

  2. I love the coffee mug, that’s beautiful. I also love the idea of donating to a cause. I was thinking of doing that this year!

    1. Thank you! My grandma reminded me recently that giving is, after all, part of the spirit of Christmas. So that’s the reason for including that point! And I intend to donate, too:)

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