Stunning Pre-owned Vintage Wedding Dresses for an 
Eco-friendly Wedding

pre-owned vintage wedding dresses

After seeing Britain’s Princess Beatrice’s stunning vintage wedding dress loaned to her by her grandmother the Queen, it seemed like the apt time to finish up the list that I’ve been compiling of stunning pre-owned vintage wedding dresses. With the world the way it is, and with the economy the direction it’s heading in, it’s […]

The Best Linen Jumpsuits for Summer

After writing about linen dresses for summer last year, the linen love just went into overdrive. What’s not to love? It’s a lightweight but strong fabric that’s eco-friendly and sustainably produced. It’s perfect for summer (very absorbent), and pretty simple to maintain. And, with temperatures unfortunately getting higher every year, it’s perhaps time to zero […]

15 European Sustainable Clothing Brands To Keep An Eye On

As summer saunters in, wreaking havoc on weather patterns, crop health and our moods, one of the usual distractions (yes, even during lockdown and climate catastrophe) is fashion. Especially summer dresses. But which are the sustainable clothing brands bringing gorgeous dress designs to us wannabe ethical consumers? And while most of the focus of this […]

Sustainable Yoga Wear for a Mindful Practice (Leggings for Yoga)

sustainable yoga wear

A key part of the yoga experience is comfortable clothing. And if you’re looking for sustainable yoga clothing, then you’re in luck: this post is all about that. These sustainable yoga wear brands are the right balance of comfort and eco-friendly. Ideal to hone your downward dog in.  Yoga has just exploded in the last […]

The 18 Most Sustainable Jeans & Denim Brands

It’s cotton, but hardy and long-lasting. Can’t get sweeter than that, in terms of sustainability. But denim brands are, for the most part, made very unsustainably – with excessive water wastage, chemical use, worker abuse, and more. The denim manufacturing section of the fashion industry is, after all, still part of the fashion industry. And […]

21 Epic Stores For Affordable And Luxury Vintage Shopping

It so frustrating trying to find a good vintage clothing store nearby. I don’t have one, and I suspect there are others like me. The next best option is to look for vintage clothing online, whether you’re looking for unique finds or cheap vintage clothing. Want an epic list of the best online stores for […]


ethical swimwear brands

It’s summer! Time to head to the nearest waterbodies and chill. But, wearing what? Here are some stunning ethical swimwear brands for summer. These aren’t your regular swimwear brands; these are brands that use eco-friendly + sustainable materials and transparent supply chains and business practices. But, wait. What is wrong with the “regular” swimwear brands?  […]

13 Linen Dresses To Help You Conquer Soaring Temperatures

Summer days have been getting hotter and hotter, and what can a person to do to cope other than dress more comfortably and drink loads of fluids? Isn’t there any simple modern women’s clothing that can solve the double problem of heat and sustainable sourcing? Well, you could spend your days naked, but the alternative […]