PART 4: How to Banish the Toxins Lurking in your Furniture

It’s almost like a horror movie starring toxins: you, the protagonist, are searching high and low for the dangerous toxins that are making life miserable. You suffer from headaches, breathlessness, and dizziness. You buy organic food, keep your home spick and span, and work out to stay fit. And, yet…you suffer. And you aren’t sure […]

29 Tantalizing Ethical Innerwear Brands That You’ll Love

When Marilyn Monroe said, “What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course,” maybe she was on to something. The best outfit to wear while sleeping is nothing. (Not even Chanel No. 5, which is neither vegan nor cruelty-free.) But, of course, not everyone can sleep naked. Which is why we look […]

PART 3: Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Products

A lot of modern-day health issues arise from toxic products that we use, especially cleaning products in our home. In fact, the latest EarthTalk post was about something closely related: whether we’re using too much sanitizer and not allowing our natural immunity to get stronger. In addition, we also need to think about the damage […]

Detox Your Closet With These 27 Organic Clothing Brands for Women

After reading this (thank you:)), are you wondering where to buy non-toxic clothing? This is a list of organic clothing brands for women that you should check out. By the way, what is a B Corp? B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental […]

PART 2: Non-Toxic Clothing

Is you clothing toxic? Well, it could be, depending on where it came from, who made it, and how much you paid for it. What? Read on. The clothing industry pollutes a lot. Right from growing the crops (or the animals) from which the textile is woven – to the final product on the shelf […]

PART 1: Non-Toxic Personal Care & Beauty Products

THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE READ MY DISCLOSURE FOR MORE DETAILS. In my quest for non-toxic personal care products and non-toxic beauty products – that are also vegan and cruelty-free – I have learned some important things. For example: Did you know that cosmetics manufacturers have no legal obligation to report health problems from their products […]

How To Effectively Detox Your Body Now

Toxins are, unfortunately, everywhere. So a mission to effectively detox your body involves having a lot of determination and some realization that you cannot detox it 100%. That’s the sad truth of the world we live in.  It’s quite terrifying to learn about the toxins we are exposed to, through our skin, our clothes, and […]


This post isn’t about why you should become a vegan or why you must become a vegan. This is about what veganism offers, if you do decide to try it out sometime. Should I begin with my own journey into veganism? Once upon a time, I was a skeptic. I mean I loved animals, but […]

The Ultimate Documentary Guide to Being a Conscious Consumer

I have been thinking about how I can be a conscious consumer. It’s not easy, not when our consumption habits have been made so effortless. Companies and brands want us to buy their products, and they have made it as easy and mindless as possible. A couple of clicks and you’ve purchased that shiny new […]