21 Epic Stores For Affordable And Luxury Vintage Shopping

It so frustrating trying to find a good vintage clothing store nearby. I don’t have one, and I suspect there are others like me. The next best option is to look for vintage clothing online, whether you’re looking for unique finds or cheap vintage clothing. Want an epic list of the best online stores for vintage shopping? You’re in the right place!

The Growth of Vintage Shopping

vintage shopping stores for inexpensive vintage clothing

The environmental impact of fashion is well known by now. But when you start looking for sustainable fashion alternatives, you may not be thrilled with the variety available. While you continue to look for more sustainable ways to purchase clothing, here’s one thing you can consider: Vintage Shopping. 

There’s a lot of confusion regarding what exactly is vintage. Does it refer to clothes from the particular era? (Yes, generally the period between the 1920s to the 1960s or 1980s – depending on who you ask. Lately, dad and mom jeans from the 1980s and other retro items are being sold as vintage. Fashion definitions, like fashion itself, seem to be ever-changing.) 

Does it refer to secondhand clothing? (Sometimes. In some cases, they’re brand new clothes designed in vintage fashion, whereas the ideal would be original vintage clothing that may or may not be secondhand but definitely harks from the vintage era). These definitions are not set in stone, but for the purposes of this post, I’ll define vintage as clothing originating from that era (and not newly made “vintage”-style items).

Best scenario? Secondhand vintage clothes!:)

Vintage clothes are increasingly being noticed in fashionable circles. High street brands such as Other Stories (belonging to H&M) have begin selling secondhand and vintage clothing online. One Vintage is a new label that creates new garments from antique textiles. 


Is Vintage Here to Stay?

affordable vintage style dresses

These aren’t anomalies. Not only is the millennial generation much more open to buying vintage and secondhand clothing (due to environmental, financial and fashion reasons), but they’re the flag bearers of sustainable fashion. 

In 2018, 64% of women were “willing to buy pre-owned pieces,” up from 45% in 2016 (in a study on The Rise of Vintage Fashion and the Vintage Consumer). It’s expected to continue to increase, with 13% of clothes in women’s wardrobes consisting of secondhand items by the year 2028. 


Even the wealthy seem to be buying vintage – although that is more to be trendy than any other reason *insert eyeroll * – so the impact is certainly being noticed in the relevant circles. They, of course, go for designer vintage.

The biggest reason for the popularity of vintage fashion and vintage stores is due to the so-called fashion influencers – whether it’s big stars or smaller celebrities on Instagram and YouTube. They’ve discovered the hidden gems in vintage and secondhand clothing, and the rest of the world seems to have noticed. So whether it’s boho chic or the trend of mixing vintage with minimalist pieces, vintage items are splashed all over fashion magazines and social media. 

BTW, check out this super-useful video on online vintage shopping:


Vintage Shopping for the Environment

vintage shopping for the environment

But whatever the cause, the result is certainly exciting. We have more than enough clothes for every person on this planet. We have tons of options. So, reducing the load on the planet by buying already existing clothing is a stellar way to make a difference. 

And it isn’t just the sustainability that is a bonus: you are likely to find one-of-a-kind pieces at unbelievable discounts. And if they’re originally from the pre-fast fashion era, they’re likely to be of a solid quality, and will last you a lifetime.

Plus, now the best places to find vintage clothing is online, and you can find gorgeous pieces in thrift stores online for vintage clothing and secondhand items. Which mean you aren’t restricted to what’s available at your local store (or even by the lack of a local store in your neighborhood).

So, when we opt for vintage items, we’re keeping clothing away from landfills, and reducing consumption of new items (even if by a minuscule amount). Win-win!

So if you’ve been wondering where to buy some 80s vintage clothing online, here are some online vintage shops where you’re likely to find some hidden gems – vintage clothes for cheap or affordable prices – while also having loads of fun.


Top Online Stores for Vintage Shopping




vintage shopping


They make clothes that are “timeless,” creating original prints and designing unique pieces that are accessible to all.


unique vintage shopping

Unique Vintage

Check out their fabulous vintage clothing and dresses, organized by era.


vintage shopping


Corduroy, ahoy! Ragstock is one of America’s longest-running retailers of vintage and recycled clothing. Shop their vintage faux fur coats here.


vintage shopping

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal started with vintage, but has grown much beyond that. The founder’s original taste still peeks out in their current vintage collection.


vintage shopping

Rokit London 

One of the forerunners of the famous London vintage scene, Rokit has recycled over a million tonnes of discarded clothing and accessories over the past three decades, making it an online vintage thrift store par excellence. 


vintage shopping

Restored Rose 

Restored Rose (what a lovely name!) believes that everything should have the opportunity to be loved and re-loved. “That is why every item in our store has been rescued and/or restored.”


stores like echoclubhouse
Echo Club House

Playful and affordable items from the 80s, 90s, 00s, and today. Here are some other Etsy stores like Echo Club House as well.


vintage shopping

The Stellar Boutique

Includes a lot of items from around the world, all collected by the store’s founder. 


Other aggregator marketplaces are listed below:

ASOS Marketplace

The ASOS Marketplace carries vintage pieces from more than 1,000 boutiques.


Etsy is the ultimate marketplace for vintage finds. Scroll down to check out the long list of awesome Etsy vintage stores.


The next best online store after Etsy, eBay is a must-try for vintage clothing. Not just clothing, but also accessories, antique jewelry, retro sunglasses, hats and more. It’s also a great place to sell your own vintage items to others.


This thrift store and marketplace offers over 2,000 vintage items. 


Affordable, sustainable and well-stocked: ThredUP is the world’s largest online thrift and consignment store. They work with over 35k brands. And they offer up to 90% off retail price, woot!

vintage shopping




luxury vintage

The RealReal

The RealReal has brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton at prices that even mere mortals can dream of affording. 


Poshmark works on a bidding system, so it can be a lot of fun!

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro sells vintage items, yes, but they also offer eco-friendly packaging and their own upcycled LABEL collection.

Open For Vintage

A vintage marketplace platform that offers luxurious and high-end pre-owned fashion and accessories.


Farfetch claims to bring “vintage luxury to the masses.” They may have their target market mixed up on price points, but who knows? Pre-owned fashion can surprise you sometimes with its rock-bottom prices.

One Vintage

One Vintage transforms antique textiles and relics to create contemporary and modern new pieces, preserving the hand crafted artwork (beading & embroidery).


Wait, but what about my favorite marketplace? Here is a list of some of the coolest of Etsy’s affordable online vintage stores!


vintage clothing websites

Flying Apple Vintage

216 Vintage Modern

Vintage Love NY

Girl Sells Vintage

Buy Vintage Shirts

Shop Evocative Vintage  

May Sterling

YUMMY Vintage Shop

Madison Foundry 

Crying Weasel Vintage  

Vintage On Hollywood

Calamidad Vintage 

his and her vintage


Phew! That’s quite the list. But is it useful? Please let me know! Also, do check out these other posts below.


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