Essential Zero Waste Cooking Supplies

zero waste cooking essentials

I love the phrase “rattling of pots and pans,” and it pops into my mind every time I open the pots & pans drawer in the kitchen and rummage around for the one I need to use. Cue tremendous rattling and clattering noises. Anyways, I’ve been getting some compliments on my zero waste cooking supplies, and that’s what prompted this post. I bought my cooking supplies after carefully choosing from among countless options, and although I may not be the best chef around (or even in the building), I do try to make healthy, edible food. I also try to make sure my tools account for minimum waste and chemicals. So, I thought I’d make a post listing out some essential zero waste cooking supplies, as a sort of complement to the post on Essential Zero Waste Kitchen Items for Everyday Use. These are specifically for cooking – baking, frying, roasting, etc. They take the heat like a champ, and give you food cooked as expected, without additional seeping in of chemicals. 

Zero Waste Cooking Supplies?

If you’re wondering how pots and pans can be zero waste: using long-lasting, quality items is very much preferable to cheap, short-lived items that you use for a few months or a couple of years and then throw away. 

Also, the older kitchen items had fewer of the chemicals found in ‘modern’ kitchenware, such as Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA aka C8), which is a man-made chemical used in making teflon products. Reverting back to using old-fashioned products, with their simple cast iron or ceramic material allows you to not only inject fewer chemicals, but also release fewer chemicals into the environment. 

Finally, most of the products I have listed in this post are pre-owned. This means they already exist, and you won’t be buying more virgin resources used to create a brand new item.

But, first…

Minimize Your Purchases

It was Earth Day last week, and while I was planning a special detailed post for Earth Day, covering the environmental crises we are facing, I haven’t been able to finish it yet. We’re facing so many problems, guys, and as I read more and more, not only am I learning a lot more but I’m also getting sadder and sadder about the facts. This shit ain’t looking good. But let me not get ahead of myself. I’ll elaborate on this in my post, but for now: let’s try our very best to be gentle on the natural world, guys. It’s not separate from us; in many ways, it is us. Let’s be nice to ourselves and each other – and every living thing, ‘resource’, and creation on this planet. We have such a beautiful home. Let’s please take good care of it.

Ok. Back to the topic at hand:

I’ve listed pre-owned items here, as mentioned just two paragraphs before, along with a few brand new ones (a result of my research into resource depletion and why we really need to stop making and buying new things.) Please buy brand new only if you have NO other option. There are enough things in the world for all of us. Let’s just make do with that?

Without further ado, let’s check out some zero waste cooking supplies that will be great tools for your cooking skills. They’ll also last you a very long time to come:)



Dutch Oven

This thick-walled pan made of cast iron is your best friend for making casseroles, stews and more. Enjoy the blissfully slow cooking this process involves, and enjoy it even more with Dutch ovens such as: 

Vintage Le Creuset Red Dutch Oven Casserole Pan

This cherry-red mid-century pan is a feast for the eyes. 

Zero Waste Cooking Essentials

By Shabby French Vintage.


Ceramic Dutch Oven

Handmade oven with speckled clay and then finished in a food-safe white glaze.

Zero Waste Cooking Essentials

By EDLR Ceramic Co.

>>> Here are some vegan dishes you can make with your Dutch Oven. <<<



Frying Pan (OR) Skillet

Whether it’s for stir-frying vegetables or making pancakes, if you want to cook your food in a good lookin’ frying pan, we’ve got you covered:

Vintage Cast Iron Frying Pan

This one’s an oldie, but definite goldie (what?). It’s got two little spouts on opposite sides for when you need to pour out liquid (useful!); it’s pre-owned, handmade and all the other earth-friendly qualities you’re looking for. Good option (despite the meh photograph)!

Zero Waste Cooking Essentials

By Vintage Repurposement.

Double-Handle Ceramic Frying Pan

Oh, yeah. Lovely pan that can vastly improve your cooking experience!

Zero Waste Cooking Essentials

By Redstone Goods.


Robins Egg Blue Graniteware Frying Pan

This vintage item is a must-have – if you like granite items in your kitchen. If you’re waffling between granite and ceramic cookware, check out this comparison.


Zero Waste Cooking Essentials

By RedRiver Antiques.

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Enamel Campfire Saucepan

This gorgeous ‘adventure saucepan’ was handmade by people who love adventure. It can also be used in your kitchen – for indoor adventures:P

zero waste cooking essentials

By Emalco Enamelware.


Figgjo Flint Tor Viking Skillet / Saucepan

Ok, this skillet/saucepan is just gorgeous. It’s also vintage, and very well preserved.

zero waste cooking essentials

By The Gumnut Collective.


Vintage French Copper Saucepan

This copper pan with tin lining is “found locally in Normandy France just outside Villedieu the capital of copper manufacturing in France.” 

zero waste cooking essentials

By Paris Chateau Brocante.

>>> Delicious one-pot vegan meals to make with your awesome saucepan! <<<




Blue Ceramic Mixing and Heating Bowl
This handmade glazed bowl is suitable for mixing, serving and cooking. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe.

zero waste cooking essentials
By Mad About Pottery.


Copper Mixing Bowl Set

These handmade copper mixing bowls are not just about style – they are excellent baking tools. 

zero waste cooking essentials

By That Hipster Place.


Clay City Pottery Blue Mixing Bowl

This vintage blue earthenware is gorgeous (what a stunning blue!), and pre-owned. It’s great for microwaving and re-heating.

zero waste cooking essentials

By Pallets & Pipes.


Vintage Flint Kitchen Utensils Set

This utensils set includes a spatula, a slotted scoop, basting spoon, potato masher, and a soup ladle. It’s from the 1950s, made of stainless steel, and totally ready to mix up the hottest of foods.

zero waste utensils

By Laura’s Last Ditch.


Hand-forged Iron and Copper Spatula

This one’s for the collector, the connoisseur. It is a work of art (and works well, too, I suppose!).

zero waste kitchen

By Strobus Forge.


Carved Wooden Spatula

This small spatula for turning and sauteing is carved from cherry wood, walnut and maple.

By Kitchen Carvings.


Lightweight Wooden Flipping Spatula

This classic thin-style flipping spatula has been handcrafted from domestic hardwood for ultimate cooking pleasure. 

By Carved Wooden Spoons.


4-Piece Wooden Spoon and Spatula Set

This set of four utensils (although the photo below shows only two…)is made from natural ebony wood in Thailand.

By Somchai Craft.


Wooden Serving Ladle

The creator of this gorgeous ladle uses salvaged and reclaimed locally sourced woods, so give them a try and enjoy the beauty of this well-crafted piece.

By Cannon River Bowl.



Note about Etsy: Etsy is becoming the first major online shopping destination to offset 100% of carbon emissions generated by shipping. Now, every time you receive a package from Etsy, Etsy balances out the carbon emissions by investing in emissions reduction projects. Isn’t that awesome?

Note about the items showcased above: All photographs belong to the respective Etsy sellers.



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