The Best Compost Bins for A Zero Waste Kitchen

Composting is awesome, and if you’re good at making your own compost bin – that’s pretty much perfect. But are there other options out there? Of course! Here’s a helpful list of some of the best compost bins for a zero waste kitchen that you can buy. These are all ideal for beginners – countertop compost bins that don’t bring in fruit flies, maggots, worms and all those insects that may put many people off. Go on, try one of them out!



Noaway Countertop Compost Bin | 1 gallon

compost bin

When you begin the search for a food compost bin for the kitchen, you tend to look first at Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond. But, try Etsy; they have a cool collection of new as well as salvaged compost bins, like this Noaway model.


Intelligent Waste Compost Bin | 1 gallon

intelligent waste compost bin

This ‘intelligent’ waste compost bin has a ventilated design that reduces moisture and odors. Along with its chic shape and stainless steel handle, this one’s not just a looker, but a keeper.


Kitchen Compost Pail Bin for Countertop | 1 gallon

It’s a stainless steel compost bin with copper plating, making it leak-proof, and it comes with a year’s worth of charcoal filters and compost pail bags. The charcoal filters keep the odors under control by neutralizing them.


Flexible Silicon Bucket Composter | 1 gallon

flixible silicon compost bin 5

This one’s great for starting the composting process on your kitchen countertop – keep dropping in the kitchen scraps inside it – and then transferring to a bigger, outdoor compost bin when it gets full. The decomposition takes place inside this bin meanwhile, thanks to the air holes and the right mix of greens and browns (which you will take care of!). Best of all? The collapsible bucket that makes emptying it out (and cleaning) so easy.


Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin

Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin

This one’s a bit small, so if you live alone, it might be ideal for you. It looks chic as well,  and is super compact.



Kitchen Compost Caddy | 2 gallon

kitchen caddy compost bin

This compost caddy on Amazon does many things: it has a cabinet mounting rack, it has a vented, removable lid with double seal, carbon filters to keep away the odor, and a lot more. Pretty cool addition to your kitchen.


Electric Kitchen Composter 

compost bin container

This is expensive, but it does all the work for you. If you’re more pro-technology and would rather not deal with the mess, then go for this Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Kitchen Compost Container. But it kinda takes all the fun out of composting:P


Composter Kitchen Organic Bin | 1 gallon

This countertop compost bin from Walmart is perfect for collecting your kitchen scraps and beginning the composting process, before transferring to your main composter. Looks good, too.


Handmade Ceramic Compost Bin | 17.5 cups

handmade compost bin

This is a canister that’s been repurposed into a countertop compost crock! It’s great for the arty eco-friendly gardener as well as the zero-waste-minded beginner. The handpainted rooster only adds to the rustic look of this gorgeous bin.


Bamboozle Food Composter 

Bamboozle Food Composter 11

This food composter is made of biodegradable bamboo fiber, and is FDA-approved.



Ceramic Compost Bin | 1 gallon 

ceramic compost bin

This kitchen compost bin from Bed Bath and Beyond is sleek, simple, and would probably make your kitchen feel great. 



Accessories for your Composting Project

Sort & Go Waste Bin

Compostable bin liners

Outdoor Composter: Envirocycle


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Best Compost Bins for a Zero Waste Kitchen | Looking for the best compost bins for your kitchen? How good are electric kitchen composters? Food compost bin for your kitchen can be the best zero waste tool in your arsenal.

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  1. Our municipal compost collectors give out a free bin with the large compost can. It looks almost identical to the Composter Kitchen Organic Bin here. I line mine with brown paper or newspaper instead of the green bags though. One less thing to buy and keeps it just as clean.

    1. Yes! Lining with newspaper is perfect – I do it too with my bin. (And your collector gives out such good lookin’ bins?XD That’s great!)

      Thanks for stopping by!:)

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  3. Amazing article. Thanks for sharing this information. If we use biodegradable bin bags for waste collection in kitchen and garden then we should save our environment from plastic waste.

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