18 Houseplants That Are Safe for My Cat

Houseplants That Are Safe for My Cat

Cats! Sigh. Such beautiful and intelligent and…mysterious animals. A lot of things at home are bad for them. They puke more often than is healthy for our (human) heart. And what is it with them and plants?! Why can’t they just ignore houseplants? But, nope. Their curiosity, both adorable and aggravating at the same time, will not let them. My cat, whom this blog is named after (B-)), likes to chew on certain plants. I thought she was missing cat grass, but no. She just didn’t like the cat grass that I painstakingly grew for her. Ever since, I’ve wondered about houseplants that are safe for my cat. Although I know about the plants I already have at home, I thought I’d find out more.

house plants for indoor air purifying

Plants can be toxic for your cat. If your cat eats something that’s toxic to her, she can get an upset stomach and be in pain, and even vomit out the contents. It’s usually not very harmful; just scary and upsetting for her and possibly nerve wracking for you. Why go through all that – just put in some work in the beginning to ensure all the plants accessible to your cat are safe for her:) 

houseplants that are safe for my cat

I’m very lucky because my cat doesn’t chew up plants. She likes to munch on a few bamboo leaves once a day, but that’s basically about it. I did wonder if bamboo was safe, and it turns out, luckily, that bamboo is safe for cats. I figured (and the vet agreed) that she may be using it as fiber to aid in digestion. Plus, it’s loaded with protein, so that may be an additional plus.

Still, I’m not taking any chances with my cat, so I made a list of house plants that are safe for cats – to eat, to nuzzle, to hang around – do whatever their curious hearts desire. 

Houseplants That Are Safe for My Cat

Which house plants are safe for my cat?

There are numerous plants that are non-toxic for cats. Here’s an easy list of commonly found house plants that are safe for your cat.

1. Bamboo


My cat loves bamboo, so I’m starting with this one. I didn’t grow it on purpose; I got it as a gift from my workplace, and just left it on the kitchen table. She was munching on it and I noticed, decided to Google before panicking, and voila! It’s fine for her. It’s also sturdy, easy to grow (i.e. you can give it a healthy dose of neglect), and looks good. Now I have a couple of bigger bamboo plants and she eats the tips of about three-four leaves every day. Just the tips. I guess it’s her way of contributing to the home decor. 

2. Boston Fern 

boston fern

It’s lush, it’s pretty, and it’s safe for the cat. These ferns need a cool place with high humidity and indirect light. So they’re perfect for the indoors. They tend to dry out easily, though, so make sure the humidity levels are right for them.

3. African Violet 


They’re easy to grow and bloom year-round. Win-win.

4. Cat Grass 

cat grass

It’s usually loved by cats (unless your cat is like mine), and is a healthy grass for them to chew on. Plus, it works as a good distraction from your other plants. Your cat focuses on the cat grass and (hopefully) ignores the others. But, still, you need to make sure the other plants are safe for her.


 Houseplants That Are Safe for My Cat

5. Bromeliads 


These guys don’t need much light, which means they’re blooming even during winter! They are easy to maintain and come in various colors – check out the best indoor bromeliads for your home.

6. Spider Plant 

spider plant

Good for us, while being safe for the cat: Spider plants are famously talented at purifying the indoor air in our homes. It’s a bonus that it’s also very pretty and easy to care for.

7. Haworthia


These succulents are hardy and easy to maintain. Your cat may try (or even enjoy) chewing on the fleshy “leaves,” but rest assured no harm will come to her.

8. Cast Iron Plant 

Cast Iron plant

They’re not made of iron, but they could be. They’re hardy, pretty, and harmless for the kitty. Check out the cast iron plant’s care instructions.

9. Prayer Plant

They pray to the plant gods, begging to not get eaten by your cat. I’m kidding. Prayer plants have fascinating leaves, which fold up during the night (like palms folded in prayer). They, however, cannot help it if your cat decides to chew on them. Prayer plant care instructions here.

10. Swedish Ivy

Swedish Ivy
Photo courtesy: Gardening Know How

Hanging planters are tricky. We all know cats have a special weakness for anything that dangles. But, while you cannot prevent the pot from being knocked over by a mischievous cat, you can rest easy knowing this plant isn’t going to harm her.


Houseplants That Are Safe for My Cat

11. Christmas Cactus 

christmas cactus
Photo: The Old Farmer’s Almanac

The jolly season is almost upon us, and whaddaya know: these hardy cacti that bloom at Christmastime are perfectly safe for your cat! Merry Christmas, little kitty!

12. Banana 


What? Can I grow a tropical plant indoors? Yes. The banana (Musa) plant – usually the Dwarf Cavendish – needs bright light, nutritious soil and sufficient water to thrive. And it’s perfectly safe for cats.

13. Areca Palm 

Areca Palm
Photo: The Spruce

Swaying Areca palms can trigger your cat’s inner hunter, but luckily, there’s nothing to worry about if your cat “hunts” and eats her prey.

14. Peperomia

Photo: The Sill

Caution must be exercised: these plants will pique the curiosity of your cat. But, they’re safe, and also clean up your indoor air. Plus, they can go for longer without water than most other plants, so while you ideally shouldn’t forget to water them, it wouldn’t be an immediate disaster if you do.

15. Mosaic Plant 

Mosaic Plant
Photo: The Spruce

Gorgeous plant that’s part artwork and part nature. It does well in low-light conditions, so it’s great for your basement, for example.


Houseplants That Are Safe for My Cat

16. Asparagus Fern 


It’s not a vegetable, but is related to the better-known asparagus, favorite vegetable of the healthy. It’s also not really a fern. Then what is it? I don’t know, but it’s certainly safe for your cat.

17. Phalaenopsis Orchids 


Edible flowers originally from Hawaii. Enough said.

18. Lipstick Plant

Aeschynanthus Radicans lipstick plant
Photo: Smart Garden Guide

Lovely bright red lipstick shade. They’re gorgeous, and definitely add a certain panache to your decor. And they’re super easy to care for, despite looking high maintenance. 

For a comprehensive list of cat-safe plants, head to the ASPCA list of plants that are safe for pets.


Houseplants That Are Safe for My Cat

What if your cat has already ingested something poisonous? 

Stay calm, and move the plant away from your cat. Try to induce vomiting using hydrogen peroxide if the substance was ingested. In case of topical contact, wash the area with mild dish soap. Take your cat to the vet, if possible. Make sure you save a sample of the plant for your vet to look at. In any case, keep an eye on your cat – she may not exhibit adverse effects until hours after contact.


Houseplants That Are Safe for My Cat

Keep a cat emergency kit at all times

Keep an emergency kit at home with the following items: 3% hydrogen peroxide, mild dish soap, saline solution wipes, eye flushing lubricant, and a syringe. Keep her harness (or leash) and her cat carrier ready to whisk her to the vet quickly.

Coming up next: which cats are safe for plants? Research has been inconclusive so far LOL.


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  1. Because I live in Australia and often plants have different names here……..and I am new to indoor plants, could you possibly think about putting example pictures under your plant titles? It would be enormously helpful to a novice like me. This is just a suggestion, but I have never heard of a Mosaic Plant, so have no idea what it looks like or if it could be called something different here – just an example. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    1. Hi Gina! That’s a good idea. Thank you for the suggestion:) I should have done that. I’m planning to write some more plant-related posts, and will include photos of all the plants. And I’ll update this post with all plant pictures as soon as possible:)

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